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    What follows is a series of 123 photographs taken in and around the Main Ward Block and Maternity Block of the now demolished Norfolk & Norwich Hospital. All the photographs labelled 'N&N-0??' were taken on 19/11/2002 during my visit to the site. Other photographs, taken more recently, are used to illustrate some of the information in the text.

    As part of the research undertaken before visiting the hospital, I was kindly given access by Archant Regional Limited to their newspaper library. It was there that I found the 1771 list of subscribers to the original hospital printed on the front page of the Norwich Mercury, dated the 9th of March, 1771.

    The text that accompanies the photographs, but does not relate directly to the images (apart from a couple of coincidences and one deliberate combination), follows the history of the hospital and the involvement and lives of some of the people connected to it, or to the list of subscribers.

    The text can be switched off and on by clicking on the '?' on the controls, which are located below the right hand corner of each image. The triangle control advances the images automatically and the forward and backward arrows move the images one at a time.

    Many thanks to the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for allowing me access to the hospital in 2002.

    All images shown here are copyright (C) M. Robinson. Please email if you wish to use, copy or reproduce any of these images.

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